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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC Thoughts, Pt. 1

With all the RNC stuff going on, I guess I just couldn't help it.

1) For the most part, I enjoy following politics. I like seeing both sides, I like seeing them argue issues and everything. But after a while, it gets kinda drab. It's the Repubs reminding you again of the importance of fighting in Iraq. Okay, I agree. And again, the economy doing well. Hey, socialism's a failure, and capitalism is the way to go. But I knew that already. Besides, I can do without my tax dollars going to support "Gay Lollapalooza" or some other extremely worthy cause.

So, watching the RNC, part of me was excited, seeing my team kicking butt (I've always felt like following politics is kinda like following sports, with one major exception. If the Red Sox lose, okay, it stinks, but life goes on. Unless you bet a ton of money on the game, it doesn't affect your life. But if Kerry wins, you're screwed, man!).

But part of me was like, "okay, I've heard it all before." Bush is tougher on national security, no two ways about it. (You think he'll get up there Thursday night and say, "If we're attacked, I'll do everything to defeat the culprits" bit that Kerry gave us?) And following the dot-com bubble burst and 9-11, the economy is doing pretty darn well. And one thing Bush has going for him that Kerry doesn't -- shittos. Positions. Opinions. But I knew that already. So I guess the RNC is for the swing voters, maybe.

2) I think the only thrill I get from watching this stuff is the occasional one-liner and low-blow line at the Dems. Take McCain's speech last night, for example. His charisma level reminded me of another John-- Kerry, to be exact. Yawn. But for that line when he dug Michael Moore, he had the place rocking.

3) Schwarzenegger talking about how great America is- nice, but no effect. Good message. Optimism. Again, I guess it's good for the swing voters (whoever they are), though it doesn't do much for me.

4) I'm not even sure the swing voters exist. Proof is the fact that Bush's poll numbers haven't wavered despite the struggles in Iraq, Abu-Ghriab, and Bush-bashing books all over your local Barnes & Noble. (Something Rush Limbaugh and others constantly get excited about.) I don't think it's testament to Bush's greatness or Kerry's weakness. I think it's because the electorate is as divided as ever. Conservatives are voting for Bush, no matter what happens the next few months. And it doesn't matter if 2 million Swift Boat Veterans come out or if Kerry flip-flops every other minute: the anti-Bush crowd is still voting for Kerry. Sorry, Ralph Nader.

5) And at the end of the day, the few swing voters, whoever they are, are gonna vote for Bush. Any sane person realizes the most important thing here is national security, commonly known as staying alive. Which candidate is tougher on the war on terror? Don't think too hard.

6) Laura Bush was okay, I guess. Not as multilingual as Teresa, and Thank God for that. I'd rather listen to The Chevra than hear Teresa again. Booorrriinggg!

7) So far, Giuliani was the home run, in my book. I love the guy; he's my favorite politician. But that's a blog in and of itself. Stay tuned.


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