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Monday, August 02, 2004

MEDIA NATION: Feeding the Feminazis

What can I say? The Weak gets Weaker. It must've been a slow news week over there, so they had to make something out of nothing. And unfortunately, Rav Herschel Schachter, a truly great man, was the victim of the Weak's apparent boredom (I'll be dan l'kaff zchus that it was boredom and not pure stupidity on their part).

Here's what sparked the article:

"The current controversy was sparked by Rabbi Schachter’s comments on whether a woman is permitted to read the ketubah (marriage contract) at a wedding ceremony, as advocated by some on the Orthodox left. Technically, yes, he said, adding that “even if a parrot or a monkey would read the ketubah, the marriage would be 100 percent valid.”

In my humble opinion, it's a fair point. Rav Schechter is basically saying that there's no halachic significance to having a man read the ketubah.

But some feminazi decided to make an issue out of the whole deal, to the point where some whackos have called for Rav Schechter's firing. Here's what she had to say:

"But Blu Greenberg, a founder of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, said Rabbi Schachter’s “comparison through innuendo of women to animals falls quite hard on feminist ears, though he may have intended no disrespect.”

Huh? What comparison? Did I miss something? Oh, because a monkey can read a ketubah, that's offensive to women. You know what? I'm a man, and I'm offended! My fellow male up there reading the ketubah-- he's a monkey! That's just a horrible thing to say!

If there was something to the allegations, I could maybe hear the other side. But they're making something out of nothing. And if I were a feminazi, I would keep my big mouth shut. Making such silly statements causes women to lose credibility. If these feminazis were truly reflective of the Jewish woman (and thank God they aren't), then God save us.

I highly recommend Simcha of Hirhurim's take on the matter. Click here. It's really a great piece.

And kudos to Rush Limbaugh for coining the word "feminazi."


Anonymous bittersweetsixteen said...

yeh it shouldnt be offensive but there are people who wont understand it and that can lead to offensiveness. so basically its a comment that is very subjective in interpretation and therefore if sum1 thinks he meant X we are offended even if that shouldnt really be our problem, since its a comment so prone/apt to controvery even if it meant nothing ,that in itself can be a problem- i dont know if im being clear...?

6:49 PM  

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