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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Isaac Kaplan Gets a Life!

What can I say? My law school career is underway. I had Orientation the last two days, and tomorrow is the first class. All the fun is on its way. And with apologies to Fred Hickman, I look forward to sinking my teeth into the material. So far, it actually isn't dreadfully boring. Wait. Give me a couple of weeks.

What does it mean for this blog? It means don't expect a new piece every day. I don't know how crazy my schedule will be. It's possible that this blog will be over, if I'm too busy. I guess that's one of the hard parts about having a life. I also hope to occasionally "muse" about Jewish issues with my compadre Barry Katz. Check out his site for more of my materials.


Anonymous bittersweetsixteen said...

ur going to law skewl? thats so hott

6:35 PM  

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