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Sunday, August 15, 2004

ANECDOTE OF THE WEEK: You Get What You Kay For

You get what you Kay for

Baseball analysts are suppose to express an opinion, right?
Well, if you are one of the voices on YES and the opinion has anything to do with George Steinbrenner, the answer to the above question is no . . . no . . . no . . . no.
Proof of this was offered Tuesday night (Yankees-Rangers, Ch. 2) when Michael Kay brought up The Boss ripping Joe Torre's decision to play Kenny Lofton in right field Monday against Toronto.
"A lot of people took what George Steinbrenner said as a slight to Joe Torre," Kay said. Kay then reported Torre's response ("He's George. He's going to say things") and praised the manager for the way he handled the controversy.
"So, a situation which could've been volatile with a different manager was diffused instantly by Joe Torre," Kay said.
Fine. But what did Ken Singleton think about all this?
What did he think of Steinbrenner's critique?
Does he think Lofton should play right?
In a true Al-Yankzeera moment, Singleton did not deliver the word on Steinbrenner's rant.
Even Kay, who has been known to spew on his ESPN-1050 radio show, didn't give his take on Steinbrenner. This was predictable. On the radio Tuesday, Kay was content to offer a soliloquy condeming writers for staking out Steinbrenner.
Blame the messenger. Yep, that should score Kay major points in Al-Yank Land.

-Bob Raissman, New York Daily News

A couple of my own points:

Notice Kay's words: "A LOT OF PEOPLE took George's words as a slight." But of course, you don't think so. Right, Michael? I guess as a YES employee, you're certainly not one of the "lot of people."It's not a slight. Just George's way of giving a compliment.

And then there's the Torre praise. Enough already. When you're getting shmeared by George the way he is, of course you won't get mad. You don't bite the hand that feeds you, especially if the hand feeds you the millions of King George


Blogger Gary Student said...

Did you have to ruin my day by bringing up Michael Kay?

10:14 PM  
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