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Sunday, August 01, 2004

BASEBALL NATION: The Trades, etc.

a) I really like what the Red Sox did. They had to get rid of Nomar. The guy was miserable there. And what a job they've done with the defense. When Pokey Reese comes off the DL, these guys will have one of the best defensive infields in the league. A far cry from last year. And maybe this will help Derek Lowe (a sinkerballer who relies on solid defense) get back to old form. However, I will miss hearing Jerry Remy talk about Garciaparra. I think this trade puts the Red Sox as favorites in the Wild Card hunt.

b) The Dodgers gave up way too much for Penny and Choi. You can't take a guy like Paul LoDuca and replace him with Brent Mayne. And I don't think they should've gotten rid of Mota. In the playoffs, I would say Mota is a lot more valuable than Penny. Penny's a decent pitcher, but nothing special. Apparently, the Dodgers were hoping to use some of their pieces to land Randy Johnson and Charles Johnson. But even with the acquisition of Steve Finley, the Dodgers were better before the deadline.

c) Meanwhile, whatta job by the Fish, adding two important pieces. Does this give them the wild card? No way. And the division is looking more and more like the Braves. And when the Phils fire Bowa and start playing ball again, and if Benson and Zambrano revive the fading Mets, the Marlins will have their hands full with competition.

d) The Cubbies' offense is loooking real good with Nomar. They've certainly come a long way from the Rey Ordonez era of a short while ago. If this team gets healthy, watch out.

e) The Yankees would've taken Nardi Contreras just to get rid of Jose. He clearly had to go. It'll be interesting to see how he does for the ChiSox.

f) I heard the Yankees might pick up John Olerud. It's always a PR move when the Yanks get an ex-Met. Whether it's Doc Gooden or Jose Vizcaino, you know what the Yanks have in mind. Who's next, Rico Brogna?

g) The Schmets gave up too much for Victor Zambrano. Okay, he's got good stuff. But to say Peterson can make him great? I don't know. You don't give up your top prospect for a medicore player. Shades of Brandon Claussen for Aaron Boone. And in spite of the big HR, I don't know if the deal was worth it. The verdict's still out on Claussen.

h) Another one the Yanks let get away? Wily Mo Pena of the Reds (a guy they traded to bring back Drew Henson). 16 HR in 217 AB's is pretty darn good, but the guy strikes out too often (68 K).


Blogger Gary Student said...

The Dodgers got rid of LoDuca because they have a catching phenom in AAA. Kind of like Minny trading Pierzynski to make room for Mauer.

11:54 AM  

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