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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Warren Buffett: Chosid Umos HaOlam

Big news this week was that Warren Buffett pledged over $30 billion of his fortune to Bill Gates' foundation.

In my elementary school, one of my rabbeim was once discussing how much more generous the Jews are than the goyim. Well, in Buffett's case, while he definitely went against the Gemara of "al yivazvez yoser michomesh," his generosity (and Bill Gates's, while we're at it) definitely puts us to task.

What also amazes me about Buffett is that the guy lives simply. He has a small house in Omaha, Nebraska, and we all know the guy can afford more. I don't know how religious the guy is, but I have to respect him for exerting self-control and choosing to live a low-key lifestyle. There are quite a few Jewish communities that can learn from him.

And the fact that Bill Gates wants to step down after 2008 to focus on charity work? It's a beautiful thing. I'm sure the guy could go on and try to make more money, but he's choosing not to. Gotta give him credit for that.

When I hear about people like Buffett and Gates, it makes me mad how so many of my rabbeim had nothing but bad things to say about goyim. Sure the guy's not perfect, but then again, who is? There's a lot to learn from Buffett, that's for sure.


Blogger Michelle said...

Don't get me started. Have you forgotten what you were taught in yeshiva (or at least what I was taught in BY) "Halacha Yaduah SheEsav Sonei L'Yaakov" the Goyim hte us. And they're terrible people. Little do they know I'd prefer the Italian kid I was friendly with last semester to some girls in my class in BY??

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