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Friday, July 09, 2004

Anti-Semites Who Rock, pt. 2

In case you missed part 1, click here.

As mentioned before, the discussion is spawned off the House of Hock. But hey, I like to give credit where credit's due: the guy's one of the more intelligent bloggers out there. Kudos to him.

Back to our discussion: something I saw in Ohr Somayach's "Ask the Rabbi" years back comes to mind. The shailah was something to the effect of: should a Jew buy German products? The answer was very clever: If you won't buy German products, don't buy Spanish products: after all, they caused the Inquisition! And you can find similar anti-Semitic incidents in the histories of many nations. Considering that the US didn't let the St. Louis, a boat full of Jews, into the country, maybe we should add GM to the list of Mercedes and BMWs.

We all know that "Eisav Sonai L'Yaakov." In which case, we probably can't give assume that the non-Jew who's profiting from our purchases is a Jew-lover. There may be many anti-Semites out there that we just don't know about! Only recent revelations have shown people like Harry Truman saying derogatory things about our people. And to buy everything from only Jews is highly impractical. So considering it's an emotional issue anyway and the fact that many of them don't like us anyway, I don't see a big deal in purchasing albums recorded by anti-Semites, and certainly no big in listening to their music.

Now, if the lyrics of the music are blatantly anti-Semitic, that's already a different story. Songs like that are clearly spreading anti-Semitism, aside from the fact that I don't understand how any Jew could tolerate listening to such things!

And to support terrorists is totally inexcusable. To not buy something because of the seller/ artist's ideologies or past sins is no big deal, as I've said above. But to support the attempted destruction of others? Doesn't get more inane than that.


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