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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anti-Semites Who Rock, pt. 1

Once again, my favorite Hocker is at it again. I'd like to use his article as a prelude to something I'd like to discuss. I've never been into movies, but have always been a big music fan (and not quite the genre of the Ophie Nats of the world). I've always heard that rock legend Phil Collins was a big anti-Semite and once announced "all Jews and dogs get out!" I'm not sure if this ever happened. Funny thing is, one of my friends' parents once went to a Phil Collins concert. And they didn't hear anything of the sort. And then there's another of my favorites, a band called Live. They were huge when I was just starting high school. Other artists I've never been into but heard were anti-Semitic include 311 and Public Enemy. The question is, is it wrong for us to listen to their music? Or is it okay to listen, but maybe we shouldn't buy their albums and support them? Or perhaps, it just isn't a big deal? I'll quote the hocker in part 1 and give my take in Part 2.

Marlon Brando
It is interesting to note the Jewish response to Marlon Brando's passing last week. It was not, by & large, "this was a great actor, who made our lives my pleasurable with his talented performances".

But rather: "What does he think about the Jews?"

Can't these people enjoy an artist for his art for a minute without thinking about what he thinks about Jews? Can't they express their Jewishness by liking good or campy movies without talking about the actors and what they have done for or against the Jews?

And even if one wants to get all kike about it and say: What's the Jewish angle?, this person did help the Jews in 1946, as noted by Lammpost. And as per Brando's comments the Jews do control Hollywood.
And lastly, besides the Woody Allen/Ben Stiller neurotic Jew, how many Jewish roles are played to stereotype as manipulative, hook-nosed, amoral power brokers?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a frum jew and i believe there is absolutely no basis for these claims of collins being an anti-semite. not a single source to back up these rumors.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Jewish. My Grandmother was a Kaplan, an ultra Jewish name. Isaac is a Hebrew name. "Why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself?" Haha! Or are you one of those jackass, spineless, cowards spreading hate, who hides behind a fake identity? FYI, "I heard that..." is a source of information that morons base their beliefs/views upon. Super morons are those that publish "I heard that" as sources of information to be passed on and perpetuated. Good job super moron. You are part of the reason Jews have been persecuted by morons and super morons for thousands of years. You are the reason that Jews have developed and passed down concerns over knowing where they stand with other members of society, be they movie stars, politicians, acquaintances, bosses and work colleagues, neighbors, etc. You're quite cold; time to warm yourself up on an isolated island's rock, slithering snake. Good luck with yourself.

12:57 AM  

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