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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What Is It?

I was walking in my neighborhood recently, and saw a sign from a prominent rebbe saying that the reason for many fatal accidents and the like is due to people's perusing the media and internet. To me, this whole thing is an emotional argument; it just doesn't seem logical.

1) I've seen some people blame the problems on lashon hara, and I've seen others blame it on people who are unethical in business. So who's wrong and who's right? And if you'll tell me that every avairah causes problems (which is true) then how can you single out particular sins? Not putting up a maakeh is also causing problems!

2) Besides, if people actually follow the advice of the rabbis and stop doing a particular sin, then isn't it possible they'll get complacent and not feel the need to do anything else. If they're not causing any problems, they can do what they want.

So I guess the idea behind these signs and articles is for shock effect; let's spook the people into doing tshuva. But I don't see any more purpose than that, and certainly don't see them as logical.


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