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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Thoughts on Brits

I was in class the other night, and a few of us and one British guy were discussing Memorial Day weekend. The Brit was making fun of a few morons who had no idea what the day was all about. The guy said "I guess the Americans just wanted an excuse for a vacation." Yeah, and I'm sure this schmendrique finds all of the British holidays meaningful.

Another pathetic argument I've heard is that British history extends back for thousands of years, while American history only extends for 225 years. (Then again, according to your local politically correct historian, American history also goes back thousands of years, as the fine, cultured Native Americans lived in the land for many years until a bunch of evil white men chased them away.) I heard this, and I'm thinking, "so what's your point?" So your history goes back many years. Big deal! And what do you have going for you now? A leftist, anti-Israel state with a miniscule birth rate? In fact, a letter I saw recently said the BBC is so bad it makes CNN look like a Hadassah convention! Yeah, some country. I guess they're just embarrassed that they got their butts whipped in 1776 and still can't get over it.

What's up with the media portraying Brits as jerks? Is there truth to it, or not? And what can the agenda possibly be? The two Brits that come to mind are Anne Robinson of "The Weakest Link" and that jerk Simon Cowell from American Idol. I know of a few nice Brits, but are they the exception or the rule?

And why do these people think they're so cultured just because they drink tea? I've never really understood that. I can see why it's more cultured than beer, perhaps, but if I drink coffee, what's the difference? It's also hot, in a mug, etc. And what of the schoolkids who get smashed every day during lunch hour? What are they drinking?


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