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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

MEDIA NATION: The Jewish Week goes Weak

This past week marked a big change in my personal list of shittos. You see, I had always been a big fan of the Jewish Week, mostly because they seemed to be pro-Israel and also because I enjoyed hearing their spin on the Yeshivish world. (Although I'm still waiting for "Rabbi Svei to comment." Why does he always "refuse to comment" or "not return our calls"? Why do I feel like I'll have to wait a while? )

However, the Weak lost a ton of credibility this week, at least in my book. Gary Rosenblatt published an editorial which basically criticized Bush for trying to buddy up with both Israel and Saudi Arabia. The argument itself I can hear (in fact, on my long list of books to get to is "Crude Politics," by Paul Sperry, a conservative writer for who rips Bush for being too pareve with the Saudis). I do feel, however, that liberals have no right to give Bush a hard time about the Saudis. Coming from the anti-war, "let's-make-peace-with-the-religion-of-peace" crowd, they should be thanking Bush and giving him credit for not giving the Saudis a hard time.

My problem with Rosenblatt is that he sells out to the pathetic "Bush is Dumb" a.k.a. "We can't argue the issues" ideology. My proof is in the following quotes:

1) I have read your letter of concern (actually I had Condy read it to me) about my alleged promises to Prime Minister Sharon.

2) P.S. Book stores? I don’t read much, but I do like the pop-up books Laura reads to me.

Aside from the ridiculousness of the "Bush is Dumb" claim (read "Bush Country" by John Podhoretz for a solid rebuttal), the fact that Rosenblatt even brings it up shows his liberal colors. (In which case, like I said, I believe that he has to THANK Bush for buddying up with the Saudis!)
Hey Gary, I'm sure President Kerry will be great for Israel. I mean, it seems he's got a "tough love" policy towards Israel. (Let's see how tough he is with the Arabs.)

I quote the Jewish Press's editorial:

In recent weeks we have focused on Senator John Kerry`s
seeming fascination with "evenhandedness" in the Middle East.
Most recently, we noted his statement at an ADL dinner that,
with respect to the Middle East, he would be "more engaged" and
an "honest broker." Viewed against the backdrop of the American
Left’s (and the Arab world’s) criticism of President Bush`s "tilt"
toward Israel, Kerry’s eagerness to proclaim a new approach to
Middle East peacemaking, coupled with his apparent proclivity for
a "tough love" approach to the Jewish state, should raise large red
flags among supporters of Israel.

Besides, how long till he flip-flops on the issue and says, "Screw Israel. No love at all!!" With Kerry's history of switching positions, his statements don't give me much confidence in what he says.
I do give Rosenblatt some credit for somewhat dealing with the issues, but as for the "Bush is Dumb" junk, he should switch to MAD magazine and Comedy Central for that. I'm sure he'll do well there.


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