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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sell High

Haven't had a chance to think about the usual hashkafic issues. My mind's been on the Yankees and their unexpected early playoff exit. I've had most of the same thoughts that have been bandied about by the pundits and talk-show hosts (chemistry, Joe Torre, A-Rod, etc.) so I've decided to do what I always try to do, and post something original for the blog.

People have discussed trading A-Rod, and's Jim Caple even suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that the Yanks trade Jeter.

Two guys I would trade? Matsui and Cano. Matsui has a track record for being a very solid hitter, and the Japan PR would give a team a few millions. That increases Matsui's value. Keep in mind that with the wrist thing, he's not a sure deal to be at top form, anyway.

Besides, it's time for the Yanks to give Melky Cabrera an everyday position. And who else can you move in that outfield? The Yanks aren't gonna trade Damon. And Abreu's not going anywhere unless the Yanks eat some of the $16 million he's due next year. So that leaves Matsui as the odd man out.

As for Cano, I know Yankee fans will go crazy, but the guy's value may be at its highest point. He might get injured, and pitchers might figure him out. Besides, his free-swinging ways don't fil with the Yankees mentality. The Yanks can get lots of good young pitching for Cano. With his age and potentially huge ceiling, Cano is one of the most valuable Yankees on the trade market.

And who will play second? Bring back Soriano. The guy proved he could play in New York. He was clutch in the 2001 postseason. And of course, the guy can flat-out run. After the A-Rod and Pavano debacles, and seeing Renteria and Clement fall apart in Boston, it's clear that any player going to New York or Boston must be mentally fit for the occasion. Otherwise, forget it. And based on what he did when he was here, Soriano can handle New York.

Forget A-Rod. He's the kind of guy the Yanks should build around, especially considering how his stock has fallen the past few years. (If they had a manager that could motivate A-Rod.... that's a different story. I think Torre gets too much credit as a motivator. Come on. In '96, he had guys like O'Neill, Tino, Cone, and Duncan. These guys wanted to win, no matter who the manager was.)

One big lesson from the Detroit debacle: The Yanks could use some young pitching. And selling high will get them plenty of it.


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