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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Worse Than Pink Shirts

Yes, folks, it gets worse than pink shirts. Not necessarily more gay, just frighteningly nerdy and awful-looking. And I saw it again today when I was in shul. There was a guy wearing a white shirt (for shidduch purposes or not, I don't know) and beige khakis as well. I haven't seen such a bad combination since one of my Russian friends put mayo in his chicken soup. My goodness, it looks so nasty!
The thing that really gets to me about it is the fact that it's one thing if you want to dress Yeshivish. You wanna wear a white shirt and dress pants every single day, I can handle it. At least it looks decent. But the people who wear the white shirts AND the beige pants are trying to have it both ways. They're saying, look, I'm dressy, I'm so frum, yet they wanna be cool and casual too. Simply put, you can't eat your cake and have it too. You wanna dress yeshivish, fine. You wanna be trendy, that's okay too. But to try to have it both ways is just an ugly joke. It's like trying to be stupid pareve. And while we're at it, anyone who tries doing the opposite and wears a black polo shirt with black dress pants and Shabbos shoes to boot is just plain strange-looking. Goodbye, I'm not talking to you.
Oddly enough, some of these white-khaki combo people happen to be married. Where the heck are the wives? Don't they see their husbands are looking nothing short of goofy? Most women have some sense of style- where's the constructive criticism when it's most desperately needed? Maybe the wives are afraid to say anything in order not to disrupt Shalom Bayis. Or perhaps this is the husbands' way of showing that they wear the pants in the house, and that they won't let their wives push them around and tell them what to wear. But there's gotta be a better way of doing that, without looking like a fool. 
Perhaps I'm exaggerating. To be honest, I'm not  100% sure that this look is worse than the pseudo-gay trend-followers in my community. But they're both horrible. Anything else, and I'm going to freakin' Monroe. I'm not totally crazy with Satmar chassdim, but at least over there, they all wear black pants.


Blogger velvel said...

You get your guys to stop wearing non-matching, similar color jacket and pants combos, and I'll get my guys to stop wearing beige and white.

4:50 PM  

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