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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Recommended Reagan Readings

Like all Americans, I am mourning the death of ex-President Reagan. Reagan may have been the best president of the 20th century, accomplishing much particularly in the areas of the economy and foreign policy.

I have read two books over the past year in which Reagan's successful foreign policy is discussed in detail. I highly recommend both. They are:

"Reagan's War" by Peter Schweizer. This book provides a thorough history of Reagan's anti-communism policy, from his dealings with the Communists in Hollywood to his conversations with Gorbachev in the '80's. A great job is done providing us with the details of Reagan's successful policy.

"Deliver Us From Evil" by Sean Hannity. Hannity's latest deals with foreign policy, and compares WWII, the Cold War, and the current War on Terror. Hannity deals with Reagan's turning the country around from Jimmy Carter's blunders, and Reagan's ultimately causing the defeat of the Soviet Union. Hannity ties it into today's war on terror, making this a very timely read.


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